Vol 15, No 2 (2013)


Table of Contents


Shakespeare's Richard III and Macbeth: A Foucauldian Reading PDF
Zohreh Ramin 57-66
The Translation of Indonesian Reduplication into English PDF
Clara Herlina Karjo, Menik Winiharti, , Muhartoyo 67-76
The Concept of Death in John Donne and Sohrab Sepehri: A Comparative Study PDF
Behnam Mirzababazadeh Fomeshi 77-84
Paradise Lost: Difference between Adam and Eve’s Lament on Leaving Paradise - A Contrastive Analysis PDF
Sara Torres Servín 85-92
Joyce the Postmodernist: A Glance at Finnegans Wake PDF
Javad Zangouei 93-100
Stuck in a Moral Prison: Exploring the Roots of Why Indonesian Students Moralize Literature PDF
Danielle E. Donelson-Sims 101-108
Two Green Poets: A Comparative Ecocritical Study of Sepehri and Emerson PDF
Behnam Mirzababazadeh Fomeshi, Farideh Pourgiv 109-116
A Descriptive Study of Teacher’s Oral Feedback In an ESL Young Learner Classroom in Indonesia PDF
Elis Homsini Maolida 117-124