Representations of Girlhood and Girl Stereotypes in Victoria Aveyards’ The Red Queen Collection

  • Masoumeh Soltani Shiraz university
  • Laleh Atashi Shiraz university
Keywords: Key terms: Girlhood, The Red Queen collection, stereotype


Given the fact that girlhood studies is a new area of investigation which intriguingly demonstrates various ways through which girlhood is structured by different social and cultural codes, we intend to examine  girl characters in The Red Queen collection as it was the New York Times Best Selling series. This investigation reveals the way cultural and social norms prescribe specific gender roles and shape different versions of girl characters in this series. To find girl stereotypes in The Red Queen collection, such girlhood theories as Girl Power, Reviving Ophelia, #LIKEAGIRL, Girl Effect and Girl Up have been taken into consideration. Various depictions of girlhood in The Red Queen collection are represented through characters who have different ethnic backgrounds and come from different social classes. This implies that the formation of girl identity has a lot to do with social, economic, political and cultural structures. However, identity formation, as we see in the collection, is an ongoing process and can change in the course of an individual’s self-development.



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Author Biography

Laleh Atashi, Shiraz university

Laleh Atashi finished her BA, MA and PhD in English Literature at Shiraz University. In 2015, she started teaching English literature at Shiraz University. Not long after she began her academic career, she joined SUCCLS, which is a research centre at Shiraz University for studying children’s literature. Her research interests include comparative literature and children's literature.


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