Vol 14, No 2 (2012)


Table of Contents


Systemic Strategies to Improve the Readability of the English Version of Indonesian Children Stories PDF
Djatmika ., Khrisna D.A.N., Nuraeni A. 43-50
Bringing American Popular Culture to the English Departments in Indonesia* PDF
Dewi N. 51-56
Learning Activities Activating Kindergartners to Learn to Speak English in an EFL Indonesian Setting PDF
Mindari R., Saukah A. 57-66
Phonological Evidences Which Separate and Unite Mamboro Language from Proto Wanokaka-Anakalang in Sumba Group of Languages PDF
Budasi I. G. 67-74
Tennessee Williams in the 50s: A Mirror Competing Discourses PDF
Ghandeharion A., Anushiravani A. 75-80
No Sisters, No Brother, No Man: “The Sisters” and Joyce’s Gnomonics PDF
Ghahreman O., Purgiv F. 81-86
Marriage and Social Identity in The Return of the Native PDF
Keshavarz M., Ghasemi P. 87-92
Haruki Murakami’s Deconstructive Reading of the Myth of Johnnie Walker and Colonel Sanders in Kafka on the Shore PDF
Djakaria J. D., Limanta L. S. 93-102