Formation of Youth Identity in Indonesian Islamic Chick Lit

  • Novita Dewi The Graduate Program of the English Language Studies, Sanata Dharma University, Tromol Pos 29, Mrican, Yogyakarta 55002
Keywords: Chick Lit, identity, consumer culture


This paper is to argue that literature studies may help reveal the formation of young Indonesian female Muslim identity by looking at the books they read and write. It will particularly discuss two popular Islamic Chick Lit Santri Semelekete [Funky Islamic Boarding School Girl] (2005) by Ma’rifatun Baroroh and Jilbab Britney Spears: Catatan Harian Sabrina [Britney Spears’ Headscarf: Sabrina’s Diary] (2004) by Herlinatiens. The first part of the discussion will examine some external aspects such as physical presentation, biographical details of the authors, and publication-related matters. Then, using such side-line information, the next part will discuss the novels’ contents to see in what way they offer some cultural analysis of youth identity in contemporary Indonesian society.


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