Peer Review Process

Each manuscript is sent to the Institute of Research & Community Outreach - Petra Christian University to be checked by plagiarism program to ensure the originality of the manuscript. When the originality is proven, the manuscript will be sent back to the Managing Editor of k@ta journal. The Managing Editor will see whether the manuscript has followed the Author Guidelines or not. When it is done, the Managing Editor will assign two reviewers to evaluate the content of the manuscript. The two reviewers are chosen based on their expertise of the topic of the manuscript. Since k@ta journal employs a double blind process of reviewers, each reviewer does not know who the author of the manuscript is. This means that no names are shown in the manuscript.


In addition, the two reviewers are given a form of evaluation. When the manuscript is accepted by one reviewer, but rejected by another one, the Managing Editor will send the manuscript to the third reviewer. Yet, when the manuscript passes through the double blind peer review process by both reviewers, it will be sent to the Chief Editor or one of the Editorial Boards to decide whether the manuscript is able to be published or not. On the other hand, when the manuscript is suggested to be revised, it will be returned to the author. Once the manuscript has been revised by the author, it will be sent to the previous blind reviewers. However, when the manuscript is rejected, the Managing Editor has the right to directly inform the author of the manuscript.