Cultural Pragmatics in Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story

Dodhy S.


This article engages debates on how changing cultural values impinge on the behavioral patterns of an individual by considering social actions as distinctly mobile engagement with the environment. Cultural Pragmatics is essential for a close examination of Edward Albee’s The Zoo Story. This article attempts to investigate how intentions of interactants are culture driven and culture related. People are led to a state of disorientation due to collapse of cultural values and discontinuity of conventional view points and beliefs. The speaker’s discourse highlights the character’s inability to communicate to suggest the emptiness of hackneyed social intercourse resulting in psychopathological diseases among individuals.


American; Cultural; Interactants; Psychopath; Relationship; Society; Values.

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Symposium held at Guandong University of Foreign Studies held on 19.12.2004.


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