Phonological Evidences Which Separate and Unite Mamboro Language from Proto Wanokaka-Anakalang in Sumba Group of Languages

  • Budasi I. G. Faculty of Language and Art Undiksha, A’ Yani 67, Singaraja-Bali
Keywords: Retention, split, monophthongization, substitution, retention, types of phonological changes


This article describes the separating and uniting phonological evidences of Proto Wanokaka-Anakalang (PWn-An) and Mamboro language (Mb) reflected from the phonological changes of the Proto Mamboro-Wanokaka-Anakalang (PMb-Wn-An) phonemes. The description is based on the types of phonological changes suggested by Jeffers and Lehiste (1979). This article shows that the three phonemes of PMb-Wn-An were found ‘retention’ in PWn-An, but underwent ‘split’ in Mb and one phoneme underwent ‘monophthongization’. One phoneme of PMb-Wn-An underwent ‘substitution’, in PWn-An, but ‘retention’ in Mb. One phoneme of PMb-Wn-An was found ‘split’ in PWn-An, but ‘retention’ in Mb. Whereas, the uniting evidences show that three PMb-Wn-An phonemes were found ‘retention’ both in PWn-An and Mb. One phoneme of PMb-Wn-An underwent ‘split’ both in PWn-An as well as in Mb.


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