Vol 14, No 1 (2012)

JUNE 2012

Table of Contents


‘Gaze’ and ‘Visuality’ in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice PDF
Zolfagharkhani M., Ramezani H. 1-6
Reinterpreting Ramayana: The (Re)Production of the Meanings of Power in “Ramayana”, an East Javanese Shadow Puppet Performance Text PDF
Basuki R., Setiawan D. 7-14
"What is it else?" Love's (Con-)Text in Romeo and Juliet PDF
Aliakbari H., Abjadian A. 15-22
Juncture Patterns of the Surabaya-citizen’s Speech PDF
Karsono O.M.F. 23-30
Joyce the Deconstructionist: Finnegans Wake in Context PDF
Zangouei J. 31-36
The Masculine Sea and the Impossibility of Awakening in Chopin’s The Awakening PDF
Abbasi P. 37-42