Vol 11, No 2 (2009)


Table of Contents


Factors Inhibiting and Facilitating Japanese Teachers of English in Adopting Communicative Language Teaching Methodologies PDF
Melodie Cook 99-116
The Promise and Failure of the American Dream in Scott Fitzgerald’s Fiction PDF
Parvin Ghasemi, Mitra Tiur 117-127
Teaching Multiliteracies in Scientific Discourse: Implications from Symbolic Construction of Chemistry* PDF
Yu Liu 128-141
Language Revolt in Paradise: Recent Indonesian Non-Conventional Expressions PDF
Yazid Basthomi 142-154
Questions and Questioning Techniques: A View of Indonesian Students’ Preferences PDF
Debora Tri Ragawanti 155-170
Contribution of L1 in EFL Teaching PDF
Wahjuningsih Usadiati 171-183
The Types of Argument Structure Used by Hillary Clinton in the CNN Democratic Presidential Debate PDF
Nani Indrajani T., Anggie Angeline 184-200